FIGHT BACK against unwanted faxes.

FCC rule 227 (b)(1)(c) makes it illegal for anyone to send you an unsolicited/unwanted fax.

When you receive an unsolicited/unwanted fax you need to take the following steps::

1. Record the date/time.

2. Report the unwanted fax to the FCC:

3. Write the report number on the unwanted/unsolicited fax.

4. KEEP the unsolicited/unwanted faxes - the FCC may need them as proof in a lawsuit.

4. DO NOT CALL the number listed to "remove" your fax number from their list - this only serves to let them publish your fax number for others to use.

5. Then ... since these unwanted faxes do not list a company name, send one of the following documents to the working fax number listed on the unwanted fax:

PDF... MS Word ... MS Publisher ... Rich Text Format (RTF)

To emphasize that we are unhappy with receiving unsolicited faxes, each of these documents has a very nice solid black background with the following statement white text in 8 point type. The black background and white text ensures maximum notice by the unknown person or persons who are responsible for sending the unsolicited/unwanted faxes.

* * * * *

FCC rule 227 (b)(1)(c) prohibits sending unsolicited facsimile advertisements.
You are hereby ordered to IMMEDIATELY stop sending unsolicited faxes to me.
I have filed a complaint with the FCC at
I will keep the faxes you are sending to me (with the date and time received) in order to supplement my report to the FCC as well as to provide ongoing evidence of your violation of FCC rule 227 (b)(1)(c)
I am sharing this fax with all of my family and friends so that they, too, can alert the FCC of your illegal activities.

* * * * *

Please share this information with everyone you know!!

I have received unsolicited faxes with the phone numbers of:

Amount Received in Pages since 02/05 Fax back number "Remove" number
702-838-7882 702-838-0404